"Focus and simplicity have been one of our primary mantras for our portable spray foam company.  Simple is much harder than complex. You have to go deep to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains." 

Our Heritage

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: polyurethane spray foam equipment was expensive and complicated, especially if you want to do smaller projects in existing buildings. This idea really hit home as we were just starting up Ag-tite ( www.Ag-tite.com ) back in 2005. Since we were both the contractor and at the same time developing the spray technology to help farmers, we were asking ourselves "Why is this so hard? All we want to do is to spray and foam ". We could not find portable spray foam technologies that would help us do our job better. 

Low Pressure

It has been our passion Sealant Technologies, Inc. to create small, portable spray foam machine that is easy to use and that can integrate existing two component polyurethane chemicals so that your projects are affordable to offer to your customers. If you think about how simple and easy the iPhone is to operate and how that electronic device makes your life more productive, we believe that the Spray Foam Hybrid can also be a spray tool that could be added to your business to make it more valuable. 

High Pressure

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The spray foam insulation industry is dominated by spray equipment and chemicals that are all focused primarily on the new residential housing market and the commercial roofing business. There is no real interest in creating small, portable spray sealant platforms. The machines that are out in the market today are built using 20+ year old technology. Also, because the spray equipment and the chemicals are not integrated, it causes a lot of confusion for the company that is looking for a simple spray foam platform, especially if it is just a small project. 

Air Sealing

The patent pending Spray Pod Mini is a very affordable and effective way of applying a spray adhesive through a 29oz pressurized can. The Mini can provide spray applications for new construction dry wall or subfloors or for air sealing existing residential houses. This system replaces traditional spray foam insulation kits which are expensive to purchase and difficult to operate. The spray gun on the Mini has been designed to allow the use of 29oz pressurized cans and because it has an adjustable nozzle pattern the operator can go from a bead pattern to a fan pattern in a matter of seconds. The spray adhesive adheres to most construction materials including: drywall, vinyl-faced wallboard, masonry, lumber, cork, steel studs, and other wood materials. This integrated system is perfect for existing insulation contractors or dry wall installation companies.