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Sealant Technologies, Inc. provides sealing solutions and resources for businesses integrating patented chemicals, equipment and processes. Our spray sealants technologies can seamlessly work for any business that is looking to bring energy efficiency into it's operations or as a new revenue source for their current customer base.

There are no building components on earth that create more of a return on your investment than spray sealants. Want to know more? Attend our free Sealant E-Course at www.SpraySealants.Com

Spray Pods are a portfolio of portable spray equipment systems, featuring the patent pending Spray Pod. All of these delivery platforms are designed to apply spray foam, spray sealants and coatings for many different industries including residential & commercial construction and many agricultural, industrial and bio security applications.

Air Barriers control the unintended movement of air into and out of a building enclosure. An air barrier system is used to make the building perform better. The primary purpose of an air barrier system is to stop air leakage which produces energy efficiency and significant return of investment.

BioSealants are the fusion of bio security and sealant technology. They are part of the overall sanitization solution when looking for ways to transform an older facility so that it will operate more efficiently while providing significant energy savings and a tremendous return of investment.

Since 2005, the AG-Tite agricultural sealant program has brought energy efficiency to thousands of farms throughout the United States. Simple, relevant, and affordable makes this a program that continues to bring a significant return on investment to both the farmer and to the agricultural company

There is no better building insulating material that can seal out air and moisture intrusion, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your building and protect inhabitants health from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens that spray foam insulation. Sealant Technologies provides both water blown closed cell and open cell spray foam for many different industries including residential and commercial construction and many agricultural, industrial, and bio security applications.

PolySealants are polyurea coatings which are integrated with an antimicrobial agent. Sealant Technologies can formulate the PolySealants to achieve a tremendous range of properties from high elongation to superior tensile strength or even to a hard or soft finish.

The Sealant Technology FlashCoat may provide the very best adhesion capabilities of any chemistry, FlashCoat can be used as both a rust sealant or as a base for almost any coating and when applied in conjunction with Spray Pods, you can cover a lot of area in a very fast and affordable manner. FlashCoat can seal almost any surface with a minimum air leakage prior to applying the coating.

AireSeal, LLC is an affiliate company which supplies retail cans, canisters, and low pressure spray foam systems primarily for the emerging home performance industry. The Black and White Sealants are used in many different industries, including residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial markets.

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