Accounts Receivable Agency

As you expand our progress and business coupled with the high demand of our products in your region, we look forward to establishing representative offices and sales centers in North America. Until the centers are established, we need a reliable company (irrespective of the business type) that will stand as an intermediary between your customers in your country and your customers in the United States and Canada . Hence, you can contract with Sealants Technologies, Inc if you wish to expand  your enterprise as through an "Intermediary" or "Account Receivable Agent" in US and Canada.

What Can SealantTech Do?

1. Maintain effective communication with your company. This is to say that such person/company must respond to emails or call backs within 12 hours and not later.

2. Work with your company to seamlessly reach goals.

3. Receive and process payments (wire transfer & checks) on behalf of your company. Please note that Our reason for opting such person/company to receive check on our behalf, is that we cannot process checks drawn out of a US/Canadian Bank in Hong Kong/China as this may take over a 6-12 week period to be cleared.

4. Maintain proper financial record of all transaction.

5. Keep proper record of your companies funds until it is needed.

6. Collect funds already owed to your company for previous business transactions.