Stop Air Leakage In Existing Houses



Low Pressure @ 500 psi

Flow Rate Of 15lb/minute

Air Pneumatic Pump

Simple "One-Knob" Control

Light 100' Chemical Hose

Thermal Hose Sleeve

2-Stage Air & Water Filter

Mechanical Purge Spray Gun

MaxAir Premium Compressor

10 Gallon Capacity

18.5 CFM @ 100 PSI

9.0 HP Honda Engine

2 Year Limited Warranty

Easy To Use & Maintain

All Metal Internal Parts

Applies 24oz & 29oz Cans 

Adjustable Spray Pattern

Works Off Of Air Compressor

Needs Only 6 CFM PSI

1 Year Warranty

Chemicals Sold Separately

The 2012 versions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) added more specific language regarding areas of the building thermal envelope that should be sealed, and expanded upon those areas that are now included in the 2015 IECC/IRC as well. These energy codes are now requiring all new construction to be even tighter, having less than three air exchanges per hour and most of the states that have adopted these energy codes require a blower door test. This is why the Air Sealants Platform is such an effective spray technology, because it's a simple and affordable way to apply a spray adhesive for a new wall or subfloor. 

The patent pending Spray Pods Gun is a very affordable and effective way of applying an air sealant through a 24oz or 29oz pressurized can. The Spray Pods Gun can spray a polyurethane adhesive for any contractor that needs to air seal drywall or other particle board when it is installed. The Spray Pods Gun has been designed to allow the use of 24 & 29oz cans and because it has an adjustable nozzle pattern the operator can go from a bead pattern to a fan pattern in a matter of seconds. This allows the operator to apply the spray adhesives quickly and with a uniform coverage. 

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