Horse Trailers

You don't think about it much until you are about to purchase your next trailer or container and you begin to look at how they are constructed. The challenge is that in most cases, most are built with cheap materials and the entire system leaks air. Like your house, if the trailer isn't tight and if there isn't any effort to make that trailer or container one solid envelope, then in the long run, it won't work.

Our patented AireBarrier Spray Sealants can create a solid internal shell which not only creates an air seal, but it also creates a uniform envelop so that the entire trailer or container is one piece. This creates so many advantages including energy savings, longer wear and internal strength even though it is light. These are true air barrier.

Custom Built Trailers

Trailers are custom built through our Eagle Body partner who have been building trailers for over 40 years. Each trailer is hand built using steel construction and are designed to operations which demand durability. Perfect for the agriculture, construction and any industrial use and they complement the Sealant Technologies spray equipment as this platform allows the operator to get in and out of projects quickly. Because of the small 8' x 10' footprint, it can find its way around almost any jobsite and can be pulled by even the smallest of vehicles, including a 4-Wheeler.


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