Sealant Technologies, Inc specializes in B2B & B2C spray sealing product launches, especially when it pertains to integrating portable two component spray foams and spray equipment. Many of the systems which Sealant Technologies, Inc currently implements were created by our proprietary lean production and marketing process. Over the last 10 years, we have developed strategies that allow us to monetize a business ideas from "zero to dollars" in a very short period of time. If you have an interest in hiring Sealant Technologies to develop your next business idea, call us and let's talk. 

Test Spraying

Sealant Technologies, Inc has the capability to test many different two component chemicals with our patented portable spray equipment in order to determine if it is viable to work with 5 gallon plastic pail containers. Because we can control many of the parameters of the testing process, including ambient temperatures, chemical temperatures, various pressures and precise 1:1 ratio mixtures, it's possible to get a lot of information for a very reasonable price point. 

Chemical Testing

When it comes to two component polyurethane test spraying, no one has more real-time experience than Sealant Technologies, Inc. There is a big difference between creating a two component chemical in a laboratory, but to take that product into the marketplace is very difficult and expensive. This is especially true when it comes to the polyurethane spray foam industry. There is a very big leap to go from creating a chemistry in a lab and then spraying an entire residential house to determine the performance of that finished product. Wouldn't it be better to first test that two component chemical in a more limited application, like various small maintenance projects? The return on investment would be much higher while getting much more immediate feedback on the actual performance of the finished product. 

On-Site Testing

Because Sealant Technologies specializes in small, portable two component spray machine integration, it is possible to bring this equipment to the job site so that actual tests can be accomplished. Because the spray foam and polyurethane sealant industry is driven by the ambient conditions of the environment that is being worked in. This is why it is so difficult to develop a two component chemical product in a laboratory and then take it out into the marketplace. Wouldn't it be a better return on investment if you could bring the chemistry to the job site? That way it would be possible to get immediate feedback from a real time experience. 

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