Turn Drywall Into An Air Barrier

On this web page you will watch Bill and Clay and they take the Spray Sealants Gun out to a job site to see if they can use a 24oz can of Drywall Spray Adhesive to create a drywall air barrier using common, every day dry wall or sheet rock. Since dry wall is one of the last building materials that is installed in a new residential house that is in the conditioned space, the opportunity to air seal the entire wall means that areas that may leak air that were not addressed during the assembly of the wall could in fact be sealed when the dry wall is installed. This possibly opens up a new opportunity for dry wall companies that want to add air sealing to their business revenue. For additional information regarding the Spray Sealants Gun or the Drywall Spray Adhesive, please visit the Spray Sealant Store.

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