Flash Coat spray sealant may provide the very best adhesion capabilities of any chemistry. FlashCoat can be used as both a rust primer or base for almost any coating and when applied in conjunction with the Spray Pods, you can cover a lot of area in a very fast and affordable manner. This technology is reinventing the term flash coat. This technology can form an air barrier on almost any surface which can minimize air leakage prior to coating thus creating a rust prevention surface.

Sealant Technologies has been on the cutting edge of technology ever since the introduction of AireBarrier in 2010. One of the key advantages of this air barrier is that is can be sprayed in very thin layers and continue to stay flexible. In many cases, because it is a high density polyurethane, a 1/8" thickness will be enough to make most application work. Of course, it could be sprayed thicker, but when dealing with rust or looking to apply most coatings, FlashCoat acts as a primer to be applied to the surface prior to the coating being applied. In most cases, the surface does not have to be prepared so the time has been significantly reduced when looking to do a project and this is the primary advantage of using Flash Coat on your project.

Why Flash Coat Works

For over 3 years, Sealant Technologies has been working on developing a portable, flexible delivery system for two component systems. The Spray Pod 1.0 does that as gives it the capacity to multitask, effectively creating the most multitasking sealant machine available. It allows anyone to inexpensively tighten and seal building envelopes of all kinds. If you can use a paint spray system, you can operate one of our Spray Pods.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is Flash Coat?

ANSWER: This two component high density polyurethane air barrier, created by Sealant Technologies, has a hard surface and since it expands, it will crawl into most joints and cracks and seal them as the spray is being applied. It can be sprayed very thin yet adhere to most substrates.

QUESTION: What does Flash Coat do?

ANSWER: Flash Coat sets up a hard shell shield on almost any substrate. extending the life of what is sealed. Flash Coat also acts as a tremendous primer for that substrate so that most coatings can not be applied and adhesion can be assured.

QUESTION: How is Flash Coat applied?

ANSWER: With a Spray Pod and Power Pod.

QUESTION: Are skilled applicators needed?

ANSWER: If you can run a spray paint machine or other mechanical equipment, you can operate a Spray Pod. You must take a certification course to allow you to purchase the chemicals.  Contact Sealant Technologies for more information on those classes.

QUESTION: Why is Flash Coat superior to other conventional black coatings?

ANSWER: Flash Coat provides substantially greater resistance to wood acids, heat and moisture. This is due the high density chemical properties of Flash Coat.

QUESTION: How long will Flash Coat last?

ANSWER: Flash Coat comes in both white and black. If you are going to leave Flash Coat exposed to the outside conditions, then black must be used. Both colors are designed to be left in the open condition indefinitely or until a coating is applied.

QUESTION: Is it necessary to patch the surface before applying Flash Coat?

ANSWER: Missing mortar, large cracks; other larger openings should be patched, preferably with AireSeal Black Sealant. Flash Coat can then be applied immediately.

QUESTION: Are there temperature limitations for application?

ANSWER: Reduce interior temperature to 100° F. or less. Maintain minimum temperatures of 60° F. This means Flash Coat may be used any time of the year - even in mid-winter!

QUESTION: Is Flash Coat resistant to heat?

ANSWER: Up to 300° F. High moisture resistance. Unaffected by the high humidity and moisture accumulating and trickling down the walls. Withstands acids and alkalines that can cause early breakdown.

QUESTION: How fast is Flash Coat?

ANSWER: Two men, using the Spray Pods equipment can seal a lot of square feet in a period of a days work. One man operates the gun and the spray machine, the other man acts as a back up sprayer and spotter. Spray Pods gives your operation the most economical method for faster application and lowest labor cost per square foot!