Sealant Technologies offers an affordable way to take an old and existing wood kiln, which has a lot of air leakage and transforms it back to its original design. This polyurethane sealant can be sprayed and will adhere to most material, including old wood, rust metal, concrete and even other plastics to form a smooth, plastic type surface which seals leaks. By air sealing wood kilns up, it is possible to preserve an older wood kiln and allow it to operate more efficiently well into the future. AireBarrier is a high density polyurethane air barrier which is why it works so well.

Arrive Onto Project @ 9:00 AM

A conventional kiln is relatively simple to operate and maintain, and it is a cost-effective technology for wood drying. The downside of this technology is energy efficiency. A conventional kiln consumes around 50% more energy than that required to evaporate the water. Energy consumption in a conventional kiln is required for moisture evaporation, heating the kiln and lumber, kiln ventilation, thermal losses, air leakage, and air humidification.

Major Surface Damage

Kiln maintenance could reduce air leakage and reduce the humidification requirements, but the benefits in terms of energy savings are usually small. Higher reduction in energy consumption can be achieved by dehumidifier units, vent heat exchangers, and air drying, but these strategies usually require considerably modifications to an existing commercial process.

Sections of delaminated wall

This is why Sealant Tech offers our patented AireBarrier Spray Sealant as an affordable way to get kiln energy savings by sealing kilns.

Seal Exterior Wall Joints

Continuous Seal Across Entire Wall

Project at halfway point @ 12:00 Noon

Project Completed By 3:00 PM

What are Spray Pods?

For over 3 years, Sealant Technologies has been working on developing a portable, flexible delivery system for two component systems. The Spray Pod 1.0 gives operators the capacity to multitask, effectively creating the most multitasking sealant machine available. It allows anyone to inexpensively tighten and seal building envelopes of all kinds. 

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