Since 2010,  Sealant Technologies Marketing has been using the pull marketing system created by William Collins for all of it's marketing and website based platform marketing. It has been through his expertise that the sealant message has been able to spread. Not only do we see pull marketing as strategic in our business, but also rely upon it to break open new and exciting opportunities. Sealant Technologies Marketing is designed to integrate with any of our technologies so that it can be used in both B2B or B2C relationships.

Push marketing is the practice of ‘pushing’ your product or indeed your content towards an audience that may or may not know about it. All of these are examples of push marketing and each one of them are inherently negative. Think about the last time you received a leaflet in your mailbox. If it wasn’t relevant to you at the time, you throw it out. If you receive a cold call from a sales person, you put them on hold for 5 minutes and hope they hang up. The key thing here is timing and audience relevance. This is why the shift to pull marketing is now having a major impact on all companies and why Sealant Technologies is the leader in the two component polyurethane market for this service. 

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