Restoring A Poultry Hatcher
November, 2011

William Collins introduces BioSealants which can help you upgrade your hatchery biosecurity at a fraction of the cost of what you may be looking at. BioSealants are the patent pending antimicrobial version of AireBarrier  and are designed for long life and regular washing or cleaning. They are able to air seal old walls and ceiling. They can also be used to minimize the air leakage which pays for your investment and can offer you a rapid return in a very short period of time through energy savings. Contact Sealant Technologies to see how this antimicrobial air barrier can help to rebuild and renew your old poultry incubators.

30 Year Old Hatcher

Old Concrete Footer

Because hatcher walls expand and contract over time, many of the joints will loosen up and allow air to seep in. Aside from using caulk or some type of joint compound which over time cracks, Biosealants can adhere to both the wall and the joint which creates a smooth transition from ceiling, wall and floor. This is called " continuity " and it means that the entire room can become one unit. This allows for so many efficiencies, including better air flow, easier cleanability, less chance of water finding an entrance point, etc. This new sealant technology has a long life and when partnered with the PolySealants, could extend the life of your hatchers for years. This technology has been used since 2005, when our patent pending AireBarrier was first brought to the market.

Many hatcheries have seen a lot of ware and tear over the years, especially on the walls. Due to a lot of repeated cleaning, high mineral content in the water, equipment mishandling and just general maintenance work, many of the walls need a new coating. Because Biosealants has an antimicrobial agent built into the chemistry, whatever surface that is covered will instantly become resistant to the growth of microbes. Also, because of the strength of our high density polyurethane air barrier, a thin coating ( 1/8" - 1/4" ) is all that is used so the airflow characteristics that were designed into the hatcher are not compromised.

Spraying BioSealants

Building A New Footer

Below you will see a close up photo of what one of the joints looks like after Biosealants has finished it curing process, which is about 10 minutes. Not only has the old metal be covered up so that rust can not long continue to work on the surface, but there is a very smooth transition. Our patented sealant technology chemical process makes for a very durable surface which is designed to last for years, even after repeated contact with cleaning chemicals and water.

Spraying PolySealants

Prior to spraying the AireBarrier, these setters were very worn and pitted. It is believed that they were around 30 years old and the poultry company was in the process of installing new computers to control the heat and air systems but they couldn't keep the temperature consistent because of the leaks through the joints. It was also observed that it was very difficult to get a good sanitation cleaning due to the rough surface. With the protection of our PolySealants coating, these walls are now not only cleanable, but could last for the life of the hatchery.

Finished Hatcher

BioSealants have an antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into the synthetic material of the product during the spraying process and is thus evenly distributed throughout the product. Once bacteria come into contact with the the surface, the technology works by disrupting its biological functioning, the lifecycle cannot proceed and the bacteria then die.

What about disinfectants?

Disinfectants are an instant, but short term solution, which only temporarily eliminate bacteria from surfaces. Once the disinfected surface becomes dry, bacteria can very quickly start to grow and reproduce. Since the BioSealants antibacterial technology is built-in, it becomes an integral part of the product composition. it cannot wash off or wear away and so, provides antibacterial efficacy for the useful life of the product.

Built-in BioSealants technology provides an alternative by providing a permanent defense against bacteria and other microbes. Its efficacy continues even after the usual washing.

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