Sealing A Shed
Summer, 2013

Air barriers are systems of materials designed and constructed to control airflow between a conditioned space and an unconditioned space. The air barrier system is the primary building enclosure boundary that separates indoor (conditioned) air and outdoor (unconditioned) air. In multi-unit/townhouse/apartment construction the air barrier system also separates the conditioned air from any given unit and adjacent units. Air barrier systems also typically define the location of the pressure boundary of the building enclosure. Energy efficiency is accomplished when a building enclosure is tight. Air Barriers are an emerging sealant technology which will change the way that buildings are constructed.

AireBarrier Spray Sealants controls the unintended movement of air into and out of a building enclosure. This unique sealant, developed by Sealant Technologies, will change the definition of air barriers in terms of performance and affordability. Because AireBarrier uses high density polyurethane technology, the combination of speed and easy application provides a tremendous way to achieve high performance on your project. If air leakage is a major concern for you and your building envelope, then this technology will provide the significant ROI that you are looking for.

AireBarrier will fully-adhered to most surfaces, providing a seamless, monolithic air seal that conforms to irregular shapes, slopes and allows easy detailing around penetrations such as pipes, windows, doors and sheathing fasteners. Polyurethane type air barriers contribute to improved building durability, energy efficiency and to occupant comfort, health and safety. When teamed up with the Patent Pending Spray Pod, the project can be completed in a very short time and at an extremely affordable cost.

Air barrier systems are made up of a number of materials which are assembled together to provide a complete and total barrier to air leakage. The building enclosure includes all walls, roofs and floors of the building and can include connected parts or separations within a building.

An air barrier system essentially “wraps” the building shell and ensures that it protects the building from air leakage and its adverse affects. These effects can range from energy, mold, occupant discomfort and more. They can also reduce the life span of a building. A properly functioning air barrier systems provide a barrier against both the air leakage and the diffusion of air caused by weather, wind, stack and mechanical equipment pressures.

This was a fun man cave project as William Collins took a very typical building and upgraded it through the use of the AireBarrier Spray Sealants. Remember, William understood at the start of this project that it is nearly impossible to make a polyurethane based chemical to have a finished look of something like paint. When something is designed to " rise " then there will always be some form of inconsistency in the finished surface but the point of this project was that with AireBarrier, there is an opportunity to spray and air barrier that is relatively smooth and more importantly, very economical. Can you seal a shed? Contact us to find out. 

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