Portable Low Pressure Spray Foam
Patent Pending

One Machine - Many Applications

The Spray Foam Hybrid is a low pressure portable spray foam proportioner that can use high pressure spray foam chemicals. This spray technology is everything you need to get your insulating, air sealing and maintenance jobs done quickly, safely and affordably. Also, because of the simplicity of the design, it can be used in the spray foam equipment rental market which opens up many new opportunities for potential business revenue, no matter what business you are in. 


Spray Foam Touch-Up
Foam Jacking Concrete
Crawl Space Encapsulation
Sea Wall Restoration
HVAC Duct Insulation
Roof Maintenance Repair
Agriculture Barn Sealing

For over 7 years, Sealant Technologies has been developing a simple to use portable spray foam machine that delivers two component polyurethane chemicals simply and affordably. The Spray Foam Hybrid launches in 2017 and it allows the operator to apply spray foams, air barriers and even air seal existing residential houses in a very affordable and seamless way. This allows the business to focus on doing what they do best, which is to make money. The Spray Foam Hybrid is the ultimate in portable high pressure spray foam equipment as it  can take high pressure chemical formulations and spray them as a low pressure system. 

Stop Buying Foam Kits
Start Building Your Business

For more than 40 years, there has not been an innovation spray foam kit that can deliver spray foam, spray sealants and air barriers all in one system. While foam kits are very convenient and easy to use, they create a " one and done " attitude toward doing an air sealing project well. What happens when you want to change spray foam chemistries, or the project that you thought would only take 2-3 foam kits actually needs much more. Also, look at the cost of purchasing just one foam kit and compare that to the cost of what commercial spray foam operations can apply the material for. 

Stop Shipping Refillable Tanks
Start Making More Money

Low pressure spray foam refillable systems are packaged in pressure vessels that are shipped to the user. Upon completion of the spray foam application, the manufacturer will arrange for the pressure tanks to be shipped back to the facility for refilling. Also, often most of these systems use nitrogen as the gas that is used to propel the chemicals out of the tank. All of this takes time and money to make work. Add to that challenge that the system needs to be calibrated before each spray project and you have a very expensive, extremely heavy and often amazingly complicated system to operate.

Why Use Low Pressure?

Because of the characteristics of low pressure SPF, there are many areas where applying low pressure applications has many benefits over applying high pressure applications. Some of those benefits included:

  • Faster re-entry time
  • Reduction of up to 80% in over spray
  • Simple & Flexible Equipment
  • Reduced noise and power consumption
  • Less equipment required

Faster Re-Entry Times

Because of the low pressure static mix that occurs during the application of Low pressure materials, atomization does not occur and VOC’s do not saturate the air; like they do during the application using high pressure systems. This allows occupants to re-enter the structure only one hour after the spray application has occurred. Also due to the low pressure static mix and no atomization, installers can wear PPE (personal protective equipment) that consists of organic vapor acid gas respirator cartridges.  No fresh air pump is required like during the application of High pressure spray foam.

Simple & Mobile Equipment

The Spray Foam Hybrid's preheating and exact 1:1 ratio proportioning air pneumatic pump can easily be used as a portable system or as a mobile spray rig. The spray foam system requires less spray foam equipment to be used and it's small, compact size allows the unit to be put onto mobile cards, skids or into smaller vehicles such as a pick up truck or van. 

Reduced Noise and Power

No more extremely loud, diesel, spray foam generators when working with the Spray Foam Hybrid system. Less power is required to run the spray system, allowing the applicator to use a much smaller generator or shore power and reduce the noised produced. 

Lower Pressure & Temperatures

Low pressure spray foam application will allow for a reduction of up to 80% in over spray during the application process compared to high pressure spray applications. The process temperature is also lower than high pressure formulations which makes applying low pressure spray formulation in colder climates ideal.